Tips to Use Perfumes in Summer For Women

By | September 20, 2010

Apply the perfumes carefully. While applying the perfumes certain rules are to be followed. As the perfumes are made of chemicals care must be taken while applying the perfumes.

Certain rules are to be followed while applying the perfumes in summer for women. Heavy scents are not preferable for women during summer. Along with you others also will suffer with that smell. As the temperature is very high in summer, obviously our body gets heated up and more sweat is produced.

So, follow some tips to be away from the body odor.

  • It is always suggested to apply small amounts in the summer season. If you feel as if the fragrance has vanished then after splashing use it again.
  • During summer it is better to use lighter perfume. The most suitable ones for the hottest days will be citrus, light floral, fruity scents.
  • The scent will spread quickly during the summer season. Due to heaviness in the perfume many may feel uncomfortable and irritated with that smell. So, apply very less amount.
  • Apply the perfume to the hanky and whenever you feel hot use that light smell by wiping it on your face.
  • To get the smell for a long time then you can apply little amounts to hair and the skin.
  • The scented lotions will have less fragrance than the perfumes, then go for them in the summer season.

The personality can be influenced by the factor of choosing the scent. So, carefully choose the perfume for the required season.

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