Mercedes Benz and Tesla are Working Together for Producing A-class Electric Cars

By | September 14, 2010

All the manufacturers are striving hard for providing the best and fuel-efficient models for making the car as the best car with less pollutants. As of now, the manufacturers are concentrating on the low pollutant emission cars like Hybrid cars and the electric cars.

Coming to the Mercedes Benz and its new launches, the company is planning to produce electric vehicles. For producing 500 battery-powered “E-cell” versions of its small A-cars,the company is planning to collaborate with Tesla Motors, according to New York Times. The car will be introduced in Paris Motor Show. Prior to that details regarding the vehicle will be given by mid September. Daimler also said that delivery of these vehicles will start from early of the next year i.e., 2011.

Tesla motors are supplying the packages including the batteries as well as power electronics controllers for manufacturing of electric A-class cars. The packs will be integrated into the cars. According to the technical officer of Daimler, each pack will have a capacity of 40 kilowatt-hours with 4,000 individual lithium-ion cells which in turn is used for producing an electric driving range of 124 miles. According to Daimler officials, the torque which is produced is 214 pound feet of torque. This model is not being certified or not been determined by US, so this model will not be sold in US until the other generation model arrives.

Thus, even the company officials are saying that this electric vehicle performance will be somewhat faster or equivalent to the previous gas versions of the A class.