Tips for Negotiating While Purchasing a Used Car

By | September 10, 2010

Before starting the negotiation of any car whether it may be used car or the new car, solid information is needed. It is much more important if you want to own a used car. Before starting the negotiation one should be familiar with the information regarding the previous usage, previous vehicle history, price of the car for which the dealer or the person has brought.

Always, it is better to buy a used car from the dealer apart of buying it from the private parties.

These are the tips which are useful for negotiating a used car:

  • Unless you feel convenient and comfortable with the sales person either the dealer or the private person, don’t go for purchasing.
  • Find out the price for which the dealer had purchased before starting the negotiation if you opt for the dealer.
  • Always start the negotiation without any fear and embarrassment.
  • By keeping all the things in mind like utility time and also vehicle records regarding mileage etc., start to negotiate.
  • The strongest negotiating tool will be walking out if you didn’t like the offer.
  • Always while negotiating, be patient and spend an hour or so, again beware that less time should be spent for the private parties deal.
  • Always when you reached the limits stop negotiating.
  • When you feel hungry or tired leave the dealership and come again some other time.
  • Some of the dealers show the extended warranties and also the anti-theft devices, don’t ever get distracted and stop negotiating.
  • If you want the financing, then choose your own finance without opting the dealer for finance.

These are the tips which are helpful in negotiating the price for a used car.