Preparing a kid to visit Disney World

By | March 14, 2008

My sister kid love Disney and she watches the Disney channel every day, has hundreds of Disney movies, and all of their stuffed animals are Disney characters in her room. My sister is planning to take to Disney World and her daughter loves it.

However, kids may not be prepared to meet the characters in person; you might receive some shocked and scared faces when you get into the park. Many kids feel scarce to go to meet the characters because they are frightened. Snow White, Mickey Mouse, or Chip N Dale they feel little scare to meet them in first 5 minutes.

The reason is they seen these characters on TV and never even thought about how they look like in person. Therefore, my sister before planning a trip to Disney World followed some tips to prepare her child to meet the characters.

If you have, any pictures of you or their older siblings at Disney World show them in advance before your trip. They see how big they are in relation to their mommy, daddy, brother, or sister, and build a comfort zone when they arrive at the park.

Show them their baby pictures and talk about how big they have grown.

Show them free videos from Walt Disney World Holiday Planning. This helps in removing the feeling fear from their minds about size of the characters.