Does Bone Marrow Cure Aids?

By | November 28, 2008

Yesterday I have read in the news paper that scientists found cure for AIDS. It is good news for us because; many people are suffering from HIV. Now there is a chance for all of them to become a normal person. There is also a call for universal immunization for AIDS. These developments are giving a new hope to the most of the African and Asian nations who are severely affected by this threat.

A person who is suffering with immune deficiency virus will have AIDS and also leukemia. The researchers also found treatment for leukemia, it is bone marrow transplantation. They will replace the patient’s cancer dead cells by healthy donor immune system.

Though Schneider, the doctor who performed the transplant told after the victorious relocate, no HIV is found in the patient. It is not sure whether it is complete cure for AIDS and Leukemia or not. It is a great thing done by Mr. Schneider. We have to appreciate him for his work.

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