Internet to go space very soon

By | November 22, 2008

It may be easy to send information from one end of the earth to other. Easy means that you won’t require to pluck your hair until data is transmitted to your system. The broadband speed these days though not as amusing, is at satisfactory level.

When it comes to transfer of information between planets and earth, it is estimated to take around 40 minutes of time to travel 100 million or 400 million kilometers. This is because we don’t have routers or relay stations to pass on from one place to other. A small mistake or interruption during transmission results in all the information dumped in drain. Distance may look good, but what about the time. I wonder that people have so much time and patience to spend before a system waiting fro some information to download; no matter even if the information is from Mars.

So, people are trying desperately to lessen this time to as much extent as they can. In the same process we have successfully completed a test relay by sending simulated images of Martian moon Phobos.

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