Mental fitness helps in achieving the goals

By | September 12, 2009

Your mental fitness determines how well you will learn and remember new information. Your mental fitness controls how effectively you can use your brain to achieve the goals you want and the prosperity you wish for. A good way to think about this principle is that mental fitness is similar to physical fitness. Your natural muscle performance doesn’t differ that much from the rest of the population. It’s how you train and exercise them that make them either strong or weak. Similarly, your natural brain performance does not differ that much from other people as well. It’s how you train and use your “brain muscle” that makes a real difference. You can improve your athletic fitness through many activities. Similarly, you can also improve your mental fitness through many activities. Some are easy, some are challenging. It’s often the more challenging ones that have the most benefit. You don’t expect you can run a marathon the day after going for a jog for the first time in five years. Similarly, you can’t learn one memory technique and suddenly your memory drastically improves. You can, however, start to see results early in your training program, spurring you on to better fitness. Your brain rewards you for positive learning experiences. Like improving your athletic fitness, improving your memory fitness has benefits in many areas of your life. Employment, relationships, confidence and leisure are a few. In today’s economic climate, self-directed learners have a great advantage over those who wait for the next organized course to come along. If you don’t take care of physical fitness, it’s more likely you’ll develop physical illnesses and diseases such as heart disease. Similarly, if you don’t take care of your mental fitness it’s more likely you’ll develop brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, or that you’ll experience age-related mental decline earlier in life. Both physical and mental fitness can help your body and brain work effectively for longer.

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