O.J Simpson convicted of robbery and kidnap

By | November 29, 2008

O.J Simpson, a former football star faces another robbery case after 13 years. This time it is not only case for robbery but kidnapping is also involved. The jury of nine women and three men found Simpson and co-defendant found guilty on basis of audio and video tapes provided by authorities from Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel on September 13, 2007.

In tapes it was found that O.J Simpson with another five men went into hotel and used threats, guns and force to take the memorabilia and other items from memorabilia dealers. Jury did not consider any witness because there are not trustworthy and they relied on only the tapes which are submitted by the authorities. Jury consists of 11 white jurors , while Simpson is black and the all white jurors hate O.J. whether crime of O.J. was worthy of dead sentences, however jury found him guilty though the O.J argument was he went to just recovery his things.

Finally Simpson, 61, could get life in prison for this case and sentencing is scheduled for December 5 in Las Vegas.