Process of Alcohol and Saliva Test

By | October 9, 2009

Alcohol Saliva testing is a one step saliva screening method used to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva that works in a clean, non-invasive manner. This test provides a semi-quantitative approximation of blood alcohol concentration. The results of these tests should be verified with the adequate procedure of alcohol analysis. It is an effective testing method, which is approved by DOT (Dept of Transportation) that is required for testing all the transportation and safety sensitive employees. The following information gives you an idea about the alcohol and saliva drug test and its advantages and precautions for its usage.

Alcohol Saliva Test Process
The procedure for the alcohol saliva test involves certain steps accordingly. They are:

  • Abstain consuming anything for about 15 minutes before you start the test.
  • Open the foil package and the testing strip. Observe the reactive pad, which is at the tip of the strip. It would be in a light cream color.
  • Drench the reactive pad with saliva from the donor’s mouth or sputum cup. This will start the device immediately.
  • After 2 minutes you can find the color of the reactive pad changing. If the color is changed to green or blue it indicates the positive result that there is presence of alcohol. The result after more than 2 minutes may be incorrect and it should not be considered.
  • Estimate the concentration of the blood alcohol by comparing the color of the reactive pad with the color chart test package.

Most of the people who are trying to avoid drugs and alcohol would prefer their own drug test kits and other medicated products after the process of alcohol and saliva test.

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