Make Jar Lantern Using Glow Sticks

By | July 8, 2011

Playing with glow sticks is a great fun irrespective of the age groups. Kids really enjoy doing it. Why should we suppress their interest by just letting them play with glow sticks. Lets show them some interesting crafts using these glow sticks so that they will learn as well as play at the same time. Its a nice summer activity which makes the kids more creative in their thoughts and actions.

There are a lot of things which we can make or craft using these glow sticks. It is difficult to teach the kids all at a shot. So, for this time lets concentrate on how to make a lantern using glow sticks.

For this activity all you need are so simple like glow sticks of different colors, glass jar, water (warm or cold).

The process is also so simple. Let us check how it goes.

  • Take some glow sticks either of the same color or multi colors.
  • Activate them by bending it till it glows. When you heard that crack sound shake it well to make it more brighter.
  • Now take the glass jar and fill it with water. If you want your glow sticks to glow for longer time add cold water. But this will effect its brightness. If you want your glow sticks to glow more brighter add some hot water to the glass jar.
  • Place the glow sticks either single colored or multi colored in the glass jar and set them perfectly.
  • Once you make sure that they fit in the jar comfortably cover them with the lid tightly.
  • Now shake the jar in order to mix the sticks and they will also glow bright after doing so.

Your glow stick lantern is now ready and you can use it for different decorations. Once all the glow sticks are faded you can change the water and can add some more new glow sticks to your lantern. This glowing lantern is perfect for night occasions and candle light dinners.