Know How Alcohol Effects Human Body

By | July 10, 2011

According to MMWR, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2009, approximately half of 79,000 deaths per year in US are caused only due to Alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol was the third leading preventable cause of death in US. Many people these days knowingly spoiling their lives by getting addicted to alcohol. Its effects are so drastic when taken in large quantities. Most vital organs in the human body get effected by the consumption of alcohol.

Here are some of the effects that alcohol causes to the different parts of our body

Liver: The main part of our body which gets effected the most by the toxins which enter the body is the liver. The actual function of liver is to absorb all the harmful toxins that enter our body and thus, make us healthy. But if the amount of toxins entering the body increases by consuming things like alcohol it too cant save us from them. Heavy intake results in damage of liver cells and there by results in alcoholic hepatitis.
Alcohol decreases the liver’s ability to remove yellow pigment and results in diseases like Jaundice. Fat will be accumulated on the liver resulting in fatty liver.

Reproductive system: alcohol effects reproductive systems of both men and women. In women it leads to infertility, and breast cancers. In men it may cause impotency, sterility and breast enlargements. It some times may effect the fetus in a pregnant women causing fatal alcoholic syndrome to the delivering baby.

Lungs: Resistance power of lungs gets decreased and thus becomes irresistible against infections. Consuming higher amounts leads to breathing problems.

Heart: The most important organ of our body, heart, is the major sufferer of the effects of alcohol. Intake of alcohol increases the blood pressure and there by increases the chances of heart strokes. It also weakens the muscles of heart and lowers its pumping ability. Regular intake for longer periods may cause heart enlargement also.

These are the main organs which get effected by alcohol intake. Apart from these, it may also effect stomach, intestines, bones and body metabolism.