Things to Carry When Traveling with Your Pet

By | July 18, 2011

Getting ready to travel for a vacation with your pet? Then, remember that apart from packing your luggage, you should arrange the luggage for your pets too. Many pet owners feel it difficult and worrisome to pack their pet’s requirements. But, it’s not. Here are some things to carry when traveling with your pet.

Pet carriers or crates are the primary things which should not be forgotten. Either you travel by car, bus, or plane, get the pet carrier which provides comfort and security to the animal. It enables a pet-friendly travel. Airline-approved carriers that are designed with specific measurements as per the regulations of airlines are preferred for flight travel. Ensure that you purchase a right-sized carrier. While some crates are large enough to place food and water dishes, some carriers are attached with sturdy surfaces to locate them. The pet’s favorite chewies and toys are the necessary amenities which should not be forgotten. A pet in a crate or carrier remains calm with its toys.

Adequate food supplies, healthy treats, litter supplies, ice cubes, brushes or combs, blanket or other bedding supplies, and other grooming supplies should be carried. You should also take some medications which may be required when traveling longer distances. First-aid kits must be included in the luggage to handle any emergencies. Also, specific health certificates, pet passport and other required documents are to be carried during airline travel. Pack up these things for your pet and avoid worries during travel – get peace for yourself and security for your pet.