Know About Employee Drug Testing in Small Businesses

By | February 15, 2011

Employment drug testing is conducted by many organizations in order to ensure safe workplace environment. They can be done before hiring new employees into the organization. Sometimes, employee drug tests are conducted randomly on employees. The tests are also conducted at situations like, on occurrence of accidents. Urine, hair, blood and saliva tests can be conducted. These are affordable by many large firms.

However, some small businesses cannot afford to implement them. So many people who abuse drugs prefer to join such companies. However, even when they do not conduct employee drug tests, policies for providing drug-free workplace environment should be maintained. It is necessary to provide statements to the employees addressing the disciplinary actions taken on employees who come to work under the influence of drugs.

Some small businesses recruit their employees by help of employment agencies. These agencies are requested to conduct background checks on job applicants. Pre-employment drug testing is also included in those background checks. Applicants are checked for presence of various types of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opiates and barbiturates.

The Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) together launched a program which help small businesses to conduct employee drug testing. This is very helpful for small business owners in avoiding any problems related to workplace drug abuse.