Impact of Marijuana on Learning and Social Behavior

By | February 14, 2011

Consumption of marijuana has serious effects on learning and social behavior. Psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and personality disturbances occur due to marijuana abuse. This creates many problems in a person’s life or make an individual’s problems more worse. Also the learning and remembrance power of the drug abused people is diminished and they fall behind in accumulating intellectual, job and social skills. A study conducted in the U.S mentioned that usage of marijuana by students continuously decreases critical skills related to memory, learning and attention. Drug abuse in many workers increases absenteeism, accidents, tardiness, and has an effect on job turnover. Moreover the use of the drug impaires many important measures of life, such as cognitive ability, physical and mental health, social life, and career status. Study on marijuana abused students revealed that they had poorer achievement in examinations. In addition many other qualities like criminal behavior and violence, deviant behavior, poor relationships with parents, and increased associations with drug-abused pals have been detected from marijuana abused teen.