Know About Types Of Electrical Fireplaces

By | February 11, 2011

An electric fireplace is an electrical heater which is used to warm the room. Unlike traditional fire place, it does not require burning of wood, coal or natural gas to generate heat. It works with the help of electricity. An electric fireplace does not require a ventilation system and it is a type of vent less system, which is economical and flexible. Electric fireplaces are modern fireplaces that create light with bulbs that look identical to real flames. Electric fireplaces are available in large number of models. Optiflame is the first commercial electric fireplace introduced.

There are number of electric fireplaces available, some of them are here under:

  • Corner Electric Fireplace:
    Generally, corners in a room are not used, hence, these type of models are easily installed in corners. This type is suitable for the small spaces and it also saves space. Patented flame technology is used in this type of fireplaces and gives a truly realistic flame like effect. These are the best sources of heat.
  • Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces:
    This is the best choice in a room in which the corner is not available and they can be attached to a wall. These are best suited for small apartments and rooms and can heat the room up to 400 square feet and also they are cost efficient.

Some of the other types of fireplaces include:

  • Mantel Electric Fireplaces
  • Log Insert Electric Fireplaces
  • Built-In Electric Fireplaces
  • Plug-In Electric Fireplaces
  • TV and Media Consoles
  • Amish fireplaces

These types of electric fireplaces are very useful for renters because they are not allowed to change the structure of the apartments in which they are living. They are much safer and cleaner than wood burning or gas fireplaces.