Things You Need to Consider for Greenhouse Lighting

By | April 10, 2012

miniature gardenGreenhouse is one of the best ways to promote growth of various types of plants in your garden irrespective of the climatic conditions. While some people opt to build a greenhouse as they are garden lovers, some others prefer it only for commercial gains. Whatever the purpose may be, it is necessary to consider the lighting in greenhouse which is very much important.

Inside a greenhouse, the plants may not obtain adequate amount of light sometimes. Hence, it is more required to install greenhouse lighting that is especially beneficial during winter. This is because not all plants can get natural light in winter. However, there are certain important things to be considered for greenhouse lighting and they include the style of greenhouse, its purpose, length of usage, electrical performance, and heat.

  • The greenhouse lighting varies with its style. A commercial one should have different lighting features when compared to a personalized one for home use. For instance, the best lighting is needed for a commercial greenhouse to endure humid and adverse climatic conditions.
  • Even the purpose of greenhouse is necessary to look after when considering lighting. It is often thought that any greenhouse lighting is suitable for growing your plants. However, different plants grow well with different spectrum colors. The orchids are found to grow well under blue, red and far-red wavelengths. So, choose the colors of light based on the type of plants you wish to grow in your greenhouse.
  • The type of lighting you use in a greenhouse changes with the length of its use. While some plants need lighting for a longer time, some others requires less and some others never require it. This depends on the photoperiod which refers to the length of the daylight in a daily cycle. So, consider the usage of lighting in a greenhouse.
  • It is also important to consider electrical performance. In spite of the demands for greenhouse lighting, you should not forget about the effectiveness of the lighting.
  • Also, remember that appropriate lighting should be provided in greenhouse as unnecessary heating is obviously worthless. Too much warmth of plants may prone them to damage.

Consider these important things when including greenhouse lighting and ensure proper and effective growth of your plants.