Yoga – a recommended Practice for Healthy Heart

By | February 20, 2012

Our daily routine and work life makes us feel pressured and subject us to huge amounts of stress and strain. Even though we see and feel the reactions of stress on our face, stomach, neck and heart rate there is one thing which we can’t see or feel is the affect of stress on human heart. Stress never shows any signs or pains in the heart, but nobody can say when it makes the heart to stop working all of a sudden. Stress, depression and anxiety, or any kind of emotional imbalance, shows negative effects on the heart. One better way to cope up with this situation is to practice yoga regularly. This has greater benefits on the health of the heart.

With the help of yogic exercises one can strengthen their back and stomach muscles which helps them to sit and stand straighter. This helps in releasing pressure on the heart and lungs and allows you to breath easier and greater. This also helps in increasing the blood flow and improves the health of the entire circulatory system. The improvement starts even from the bone marrow where the production of blood takes place and hence it is improving the quality of the blood right from its production.

Many exercises included in yoga strengthens the major blood vessels which helps in maintaining their elasticity and make the blood flow freely in them. It helps in oxygenating the blood and pumps the nutrients to all the peripheral vessels and capillaries. Improved blood circulation means that the brain will receive more oxygen, show improved alertness, memory, and mood. This helps the person to be active and to think perfectly in any of the possible situations. Moreover, meditation practiced during yoga helps in providing tranquility to the mind, and decrease the level of stress. It also reduces emotions such as anxiety, hostility and depression which show adverse effects on the heart.