Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Wall Decals

By | February 23, 2012

Wall decals are the present trend interiors designing articles which are used for instant make overs for any celebrations and occasions. The increasing popularity of these decals made many users attracted towards them and hence they need to know few things which are important before purchasing any wall decal. Following are few things to keep in mind before purchasing wall decals or any other wall stickers.

Before going to shop for any of the wall decals either online or offline it is better to know the dimensions of the wall or the surface on which you want to apply your wall decal. This enables you to get the decals which best fits in the chosen area. As wall decals are available in different sizes and lengths it is necessary to know the measurements so that the decorations fit perfectly.

Also make sure that the surface you have chosen is smoothly textured and is not directly focused either by direct sun or any other strong lighting sources which could heat up the surface and affects the durability of the decal.

Ask the retailer of the dealer whether the decal is removable or not. As the decals are available in both the removable and non removable varieties it is better to inquire before purchase. Even though the removed ones are not that great to replace in other area, it is better to choose removable ones, so that we can change them when required and also useful in keeping the walls clean.

Particularly wall decals for kids rooms should be non toxic and free from cadmium or lead. Cadmium is one of the hazardous substance which is listed in the top 10 most hazardous substances by US center for disease control. Hence no manufacturer uses such substances in the making of toys and other products used by kids. So make sure the decals do not have such substances and are safe for continuous use.

High quality decals should be preferred even though they are a bit high in price. They not only ensure safety but also last for longer periods making your investment worthy.