Common Mistakes to Avoid While Learning a New Language

By | February 17, 2012

While learning a new language, people tend to make many mistakes. These mistakes make your learning process difficult and may lead to incomplete learning of the language. These mistakes usually occur as a result of not knowing the right approach towards learning a language. Let us know some of the common mistakes made by the learners.

  • People who have started to learn a language, rely heavily on the text book. Though it is good to rely on the text book for some critical rules, it is not always recommended to go by every rule in the text book. He should also access some of the general books which have the real and formal usage of the language, like in newspapers, comics, etc. Learner should know that a language is easily learned by not mugging up the rules, but by getting to know the real usage.
  • People who learn the new language (out of need), see it to be a scary subject. With this perspective on the language, a language cannot be absorbed and hence it becomes difficult to learn the language. In order to learn the language properly, you need to love the language.
  • People give high importance to speaking formal language as per the grammar rules. But speaking a language needs spontaneity and it need not necessarily be exactly as per the rules (though maintaining it formal). Hence, it is recommended to adapt the free usage of language while speaking, rather than going by grammar the rules.
  • Nativity influence is the major obstruction in learning a language. People tend to compare each and every aspect of the new language with that of native language. Though it is helpful in learning the similarities (though they are very less), it becomes difficult to connect the differences. Moreover, due to this comparison, learners tend to translate each and every word of the sentence in to their native language.
  • People learning a new language, often ignore the pronunciation. They give high importance to written form, rather than speaking the language. In order to learn a language you need to master every aspect of language, unless you speak properly, you are not complete with learning a language.

The above are major mistakes that a learner makes while learning a new language.