Yoga is the Best Practice for Seniors to Stay Healthy

By | June 17, 2011

As a person gets older, he is prone to suffer from many health problems. Older persons often suffer from multiple chronic diseases, pains, and other health problems. Yoga is the best way for seniors to protect their health from all these problems. Yoga helps senior people in many ways. The fundamental principles of yoga makes the seniors to stay healthy and fit. By following these principles one can get many benefits, such as meditation, proper relaxation, regular exercise, proper diet, and pranayama.

Yoga practice gives many benefits for seniors like

  1. Yoga practice involves regular exercise. A regular exercise can always give relief from pains and aches. Many seniors suffer from chronic pain in joints and muscles. As many studies and doctors suggest that, yoga works more than the medicines for pains and aches. An exercise session helps to burn excess calories, which regulates the body weight and body fat level.
  2. Yoga helps to control high blood pressure. This is the most common type of health problem in most of all seniors. Yoga uses the breathing control technique that reduces the heart rate. A lower heart rate can reduce the symptoms of strokes, hypertension, and heart diseases.
  3. While going to later years of life, it is often difficult for seniors to have a full and restful night’s sleep. Yoga improves the sleep habits. Yoga practice demands physical exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques. These all result in improving the quality of sleep.
  4. Seniors can also get emotional benefits from yoga practice. Seniors often get depression and anxiety due to their works and family problems. Many seniors experience loneliness as children grow up and start their own families, spouses and close friends pass way and so on. The loss of independence, chronic pain, loneliness and new illness can easily lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The above are the benefits of yoga to elderly persons.