Where to Get Affordable Rain Barrels

By | June 12, 2011

Generally a rain barrel is used to store the rain water and this stored rain water can be used for various household purposes like watering the plants and washing the car, furniture etc. These rain barrels are available in various shapes and sizes and these can also be made at the house by following a simple procedure. Barrels made at the home are less expensive than that of the commercially made barrels. Any container can be used to prepare a rain barrel and the following are the places where you can find these empty containers:

Local governments in some areas encourage the use of rain barrels to save the rain water and protect the environment. These government agencies are supplying the rain barrels for the house owners who are interested on saving the rain water. They are also helping the locals by giving tips and suggestions about water conservation.

Beverage Manufacturers:
Containers for rain water barrels can also be collected from the plants of the beverage manufacturers. But before using these containers as rain barrels it is better to full those containers with water for weeks, to get rid of the smell of cola or wine.

Car Wash:
Local car wash centers are a great source of huge containers and these containers can be used as rain barrels. The containers used in the car wash centers have the capacity of storing 55 gallons of water.

Non Profit Organizations:
Some organizations running for non profit purposes encourages the people about how to conserve the water and also how to protect the environment. If you contact these organizations, they may give information about the rain barrel manufacturing companies that offers rain barrels at discounted rates.

The above are the various places, from where you can get the rain barrels easily.