Know Certain Post Root Canal Symptoms

By | June 20, 2011

Not only the outer appearance, but also the inner structure of the teeth is important. The dental pulp or the nerves inside the tooth get damaged due to infection and decay or accidents. The pain associated by it is unbearable and a root canal is perfect for solving the problem. However, immediately after the treatment, you face some symptoms, but you don’t need to worry about them.

Even after the treatment, the area which was operated undergoes sensitivity for several weeks. Chewing and eating at that side increases the sensitivity.

An anesthesia is given at the local area where the root canal treatment is to be performed. This makes the area numb. However, the numbness may retain for a couple of hours. Though you do not feel any sensation, do not use that part or area for chewing or eating.

Swelling of Gums
After the root canal treatment, sometimes, gums are swollen. This swelling may be in the shape of a pimple. However, it is much painful and gives out blood and pus when pressed. Do not get worried of the swelling. Place a pack of ice for every 10-15 minutes to reduce the swelling and pain.

Though the treatment is done, you may experience the tooth pain which is similar to the one before operation. It stays for a few days and the dentist recommends certain antibiotics to alleviate the pain.

These are the common symptoms which are seen after the root canal treatment. They last only for a few time. However, failure of the root canal treatment may include some other problems, which are to be corrected by the dentist again.