Causes of Pain after Root Canal Therapy

By | June 21, 2011

Pain related to the root canal is difficult to bear and it is necessary to undergo a root canal treatment at the primitive stage itself. In a root canal treatment, the dentist removes the pulp inside the tooth which is infected, cleans the cavity and seals it back. Though the process seems to be simple, it is very painful, but, necessary. However, even after the treatment you may experience certain pain which may be of many reasons.

Sometimes, it happens that the bacteria gets beyond the root of the tooth during or before the treatment. This earlier infection may cause pain even after the treatment. As a part of the treatment, the dentist cleans the canals with specific fluids. However, the fluids may cause peripheral abscess leading to swelling and pain.

After root canal treatment, the dentist covers the tooth with a crown. Ineffective fitting of the crown on the tooth may prone the bacteria and other food particles to enter the places between teeth. This infection may also be responsible for the pain. The crown may even be too tight which causes stress on gums. Irritation, inflammation, swelling and pain of gums are seen because of the improper fitting of the crown.

Post root canal, pain is also caused because of bruxism (teeth grinding) and hyper-occlusion. The occlusion of the tooth should be corrected by the dentist so that it does not make contact with the opposing teeth. This has to be done to stop the related pain and protect the tooth from fracturing. Apart from these reasons, any faulty operations in the root canal treatment may also cause severe pain even after the therapy.