Text Ads or Image Ads

By | June 16, 2023

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Text ads come under the oldest forms of advertising that have been in use since the times when only print media was there. Even in the initial era of the Internet, advertising in the form of text was the predominant pattern. But, the rapid evolution of digital technologies brought about an increase in dependence on image ads. The popularity of these ads is such that many people and businesses now question the effectiveness of text ads.

We need to note that text ads have not fully lost their relevance; they come with their value. It is just that they are being overshadowed by advertising in the form of images and videos. This particular write-up will present points that focus on comparing image ads and text ads.

Benefits of Text Ads

These are a few benefits of text ads:

  • It’s fairly uncomplicated to display text ads, for they do not necessitate the usage of images and graphics. As a result, the cost involved in launching these ads is on the lower side, and this especially is advantageous for new businesses.
  • Because the text ads get displayed along with search results of Google, they are likely to grab the attention of users. These ads usually include URLs to concerned sites/portals. Hence, it becomes easier to make people access the same and get the details of products/services.
  • It has been observed that people tend to give more credibility to ads that are in the search results.
  • It needs to be mentioned that when an advertiser has to convey the basic features of a product/service, text ads are more reliable. These aspects can’t be communicated through images.
  • Another major advantage of text ads is worthy of special mention. As these ads load quite fast, the users won’t have to wait for too long to gain access to the key info about the products/services.

Advantages of Image Ads

It would now be worthwhile to succinctly elaborate upon the major advantages of image ads when compared with text ads.

  • First and foremost, nowadays; the average user of the Internet has a small attention span. So, many people lack the patience to read textual content; they keep navigating between different tabs. This issue gets resolved with image ads. Human beings’ brains are wired in such a way that they can quickly recognize images, which are more appealing to the eye than text. Thus, even semi-literate users aren’t hassled in becoming attentive to image ads.
  • This can be treated as a continuation of the previous point. It is seen in numerous instances that an ad can serve its purpose only when the text is supported by an image/image. Several surveys point out that there is approximately a 90% increase in viewership for ads that combine text and images. This highlights the significance of images in ads.
  • Any product/service has a higher chance of securing user acceptance only if the corresponding ads succeed in triggering positive emotions in people. And, this particular objective can be realized with image ads; here text ads with no pictures could fail to do the job.

Whether a business organization should depend on text ads, image ads or ads blending both elements is dependent on many factors. The exact product/services, size of the business, and cost involved are some of these parameters.