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Website Business Model

Websites have become an essential tool for businesses, irrespective of their sizes, in the current digital era. The websites serve as a gateway for customers to explore products, services, and information. However, simply launching a website is not enough to ensure triumph in the competitive market. It is crucial for businesses to have a well-defined… Read More »

QR Codes And Their Uses In Marketing

For years, QR codes have been overlooked as another way to get more people to your website. Because while they may be the fastest way to direct people to a site and track how you could use that information, they’re also unbelievably versatile tools for everything from fundraising and marketing to product research and customer… Read More »

Text Ads or Image Ads

Text ads come under the oldest forms of advertising that have been in use since the times when only print media was there. Even in the initial era of the Internet, advertising in the form of text was the predominant pattern. But, the rapid evolution of digital technologies brought about an increase in dependence on… Read More »

5 Stress Busting Activities

Stress is directly proportional to your work. More work more stress. Unfortunately you cannot go to “no work no stress” mode for obvious reasons, so what you can do is indulge in some stress busting activities. This will lower down your stress and make some constructive use of your precious time. Bursting bubble wraps and… Read More »

Car Maintenance – Do it Yourself

If you are a proud owner of a car you must be aware of the pocket pinches with which a car repair is associated with. However, you will be able to save a lot of this money if you take up some of these repairs all by yourself. Do it Yourself or DIY repairs not… Read More »

Usability and limitations of a CNAME record

Cname, a short abbreviated form for canonical name, is a record in DNS database which indicates the domain name and its aliases that it is associated with, such as IP addresses, sub domains etc. We all know that every website requires an IP address and sometimes we need more than one domain to point to… Read More »

Different Kinds of Fans used

In boiler two kinds of drafts are predominant – forced draft and induced draft. Each requires set of fans that can perform its function. Draft fans are classified as centrifugal and axial type based on the direction of the air flow in the boiler. Different industries use different type of fans depending upon their industrial… Read More »