Choosing Short Pants to Beat the Summer Heat

By | December 19, 2011

Apart from all the seasons summer is a bit complicated as well as irritating due to the hot sun and the sticky sweat. So, if we really take care while choosing the clothing for summer we are half a way successful in beating the summer heat. So let us have a look on how to choose the essential clothing which is helpful for coping up the summer heat.

Wearing thick textured pants and denim jeans are not at all a good choice during sunny days. Instead you can try something different like a pair of classic, denim cut off shorts which are comfortable as well as makes you look cool and trendy. They are simple and versatile. If you are planning for a beach you can wear a pair of cutoffs with a tank top. And if you want to go for a casual walk around the street with your folks it is always good to wear them with a brightly colored graphic t shirt.

There is no need to buy a pair of new ones if you don’t have one in your wardrobe. Just take out your old clothes and recycle them. Simply take out your old jeans and cut them in to shorts. This way you can save you money on summer apparel collection.

Next choice for cool summer collection are the baggy cargo shorts which are typically a menswear. These days cargo shorts are also coming up in women’s wear collection also. The loose fit and the bagginess makes the cargo more comfortable during summers. You can wear a tight fitting top on these loose cargoes and can have a blazer to top the outfit which makes your look complete.

Finally, the other thing which can be a trend in summer are the leather shorts. They look more casual and will definitely make you look like a fashion icon for that summer. A low cut blouse with a platform heels are a great combination for these shorts.