How to Identify a Good Quality Bath Towel

By | October 17, 2012

A good quality bath towel should be durable enough and must have the ability to withstand a number of washes. The towel should last long without shrinking. The quality is measured by its weight in grams. Thus, the greater number of grams per square meter, the denser are the fibers of the towel. A thicker towel is usually more absorbent and softer. Not all towels are made up of the same material. A soft, absorbent and fluffy bath towel helps you to wrap yourself after having a bath, shower.

Check the fiber content of the towel:
A towel made up of fine, long cotton fiber can be considered a high quality towel. Turkish, Egyptian and Brazilian cotton have long fibers that makes the fabric softer and longer. They might be expensive. Bamboo and hemp have more absorbency than cotton. Supima is grown in United states and has a long fiber cotton and more durable than Egyptian.

A bath towel should dry up quickly, must not cause any infection or irritation to the skin when used. It should not emit nasty odor.

Check the size of the towel: Not all bath towels are of the same size. A bath sheet is a best choice for people who are tall or large.

The towel should be soft enough and free from scratchy feeling. A bit of weight, soft and velvety towel would be known to have a good quality.

Inspect the edges of the towel: All the edges of a towel should be double folded and double stitched to provide proper reinforcement. It ensures that the towel lasts long.

Finally, look around to find best deals and shop for towels based on color, fabric and size. High quality towels costs more. The color may fade eventually. You can bleach white towels, if necessary to retain the color. If you buy more expensive towels, you can benefit from it’s long life and don’t need to replace often.