Psychological Effects of Marijuana

By | August 11, 2010

The use of marijuana is considered as illegal and if the person uses this marijuana in more quantities then he will get addicted. In addition to the health effects, there are many mental or psychological effects which spoil one’s life.

A large number of physical effects may result because of marijuana. The main physical effects are respiratory problems, red blood eyes, dizziness, paranoia, increase in the appetite, etc.

Coming to the psychological effects, the person feels happy which is nothing but the euphoria, impairs concentration and also memory. Excessive usage may lead to perceptual alterations, intensification of the general sensory experiences etc, short term memory loss, impairs the motor skills, etc.,

The THC component present in the marijuana gets associated with the cannaboid receptors. Once the association is done the cellular reaction takes place and finally ends up with a pleasant feeling. The parts which have high concentrations of receptors, will be affected with the marijuana.

Because of this THC, the most usual reaction which is seen in addicts is the acute anxiety. The user feels much fearful about dying and suffers from mental illness. If the anxiety is gradually increased then he/she may have panic attacks. Psychedelic drugs accelerate flashbacks in marijuana users. Sometimes flashbacks may also occur without the use of psychedelic drugs.

So, by the excessive use of marijuana one may be left with the feelings of anxiety like nervousness, fears, worries and even uneasiness. Marijuana abuse can be found using Marijuana drug test. Apart from the emotional feelings of anxiety the abuse also lead to physical changes in the body like increase in the heart beat, increase in the blood pressure, sweating etc.