Usage of Barcode Labels for Industries

By | August 5, 2010

Barcode labels tags are perfect for asset and inventory management. Barcode labels are cost-effective. Barcode labels have a unique asset identification code. Every label is as white and black barcode bars and they contain information.

These bars are readable by a barcode scanner with in few minutes of time. Thousands of items can be tracked in less time. Barcode labels are being used in all types of shops and manufacturing units. They helpful in assembling, sorting, shipping, and asset identification. Barcodes are used in hotels, schools, hospitals, chruches to monitor and track their assets and to assert their ownership rights.

  • Barcode labels are used for inventory management, they are perfect for inventory management at the time of production in manufacturing units like laptops, PCs, electrical appliances, sports equipments, jewelry, furniture and fixtures, toys, books, electronics, chemical drums or any other consumer products.
  • Barcode labels are used in supermarkets or grocery or food stores to contain price and product details and for managing the stock of food, cosmetics, soaps, detergents and all grocery items, etc.
  • Barcode labels are used in hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers to keep an accurate record of clinical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceutical. Patient safety is increased by identifying medicines, blood bags, and drugs.
  • Barcode labels are used in transportation, used on employee identification cards, passenger passes or frequent travel cards, baggage claim tickets. People are using barcode labels on mails and parcels.
  • Barcode labels are used in warehouses and also used on shelves and racks. Other industries like chemical processing industry is using durable aluminum barcode labels for valves, traps, and for other tools and equipments. They are used in event management companies, health clubs, fitness clubs, pet homes and others.

Different barcode labels are used in almost every industry according to their requirements, because they are cost effective and they are perfect for asset tracking and asset management.