The Importance of Web Designing

By | June 13, 2017

Web Designing is process of building a unique website which presents the required content in creative manner by using different ideas, mainly focusing on page layout, font size and style, color, images, slides and graphics. In addition to having good content, a good web design is also important to attract more visitors to the website. An attractive website brings in more web traffic and helps in expansion of business.

Why web designing ?
Brand consistency
Web designing is important and can create a huge impact on business. A website should follow consistency in design and layout so that the customers should easily identify your brand (logo/domain name) as soon as they visit your website. Consistency enhances look and feel of the website and also provides easy user navigation.

User Friendly
Website is of no use if it is not user friendly. It is to be designed to seek the customer attention. Not only the site has to be consistent and error free, but it should have better speed for faster page access. It is also essential to provide the information that the user is looking for. If the site is not useful, the user may not feel satisfied and visit the website again.

Content should always be genuine, concise, and relevant and should be clear in an easy understandable way. Content writing and design should go parallel that means a good design without quality content is not helpful. Content of the website also plays a major role in increasing the visitor count and search engine rankings.

Web design should be capable of attracting and engaging customers. The popularity of website is directly proportional to number of visitors, thus increase in visitors leads to expansion of business.

Contact Information
Efficiently designed website always consists of contact information so that the clients don’t face any problem in finding email, contact number and location of the business.

Types of Web Designing

Single Page Web Design
As name suggested website consisting of single page is called single page design. They are quite popular because it contains only the important information fitted concisely in one page. It provides only useful information to the users and avoids unnecessary additional page clutter.

Flat Web Design
Flat web design was first used by Microsoft, and it is implemented to clean space and digital image processing to clear the blurred background. It uses simple layout with not much GUI.

Typography Web Designed
Typography is all about text appearance in web page like font (size and style), line spacing, and background color used. This is considered as important in designing as visitor skip the page if the size and font is not properly used.

Illustrative Web Design
It uses tools to create fusion of illustration and drawings. Illustrative web design is mainly used to enhance websites with best visual features. The motive is to create unique website layouts to convey the information.