Legal Translation and Its Requirements

By | May 20, 2011

It refers to the translation of legal documents such as, statutes, contracts and treaties. A legal translation requires specialist supervision because, law is culture dependent and requires a translator with an excellent understanding of both the source and target cultures. The wrong translation of a legal document may result in confusion, frustration, undue delay and a huge cost for an individual or for a company. Different types of legal documents that generally require translation into other languages includes, legal contracts, patents and trade marks, business litigation, license translation, articles of association and annual report translation.

Translation of these legal documents and subject matters require special expertise and knowledge of different domains of law, which are given below:

Insurance Law:Legal billing software
For accurate and comprehensive translation of matters related to insurance law, the translator should have experience in areas, such as litigation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution proceedings .

Corporate Law:
Corporate law helps the companies to set business overseas. It is an essential element of translation services and the translator needs to have knowledge of different variants of corporate law.

Intellectual Property Law:
Intellectual property translation projects requires in depth knowledge of the relevant areas. This law strengthens a company’s ability to address the clients intellectual property needs in an informed and comprehensive manner. Intellectual property translation services include, translation of patent law, franchising and licensing, trademarks, service marks and dissertations etc.

Banking and Finance Law:Legal billing software
For translating matters related to finance and banking, the translator requires knowledge about domestic and foreign banks, broker dealers, insurance companies and investment groups.

The above are the various domains which are required to be mastered by the translator, before taking legal translation as a career.