A Beam to Destruction – Tesla Death Ray

By | October 27, 2009

With all many big set of extraordinary hi-tech weapons, what is still missing in this set is a machine which would produce a deadly ray named Tesla. It is assumed to be the wonder of the world or might be people who possess it are not willing to acknowledge it. But for people like us, the Tesla Death ray is still a mystery of modern science.

Tesla Death Ray was suggested by Nicola Tesla who said that this would be a weapon to end the warfare. I didn’t understand how a weapon would end the warfare. Might be that it kills people so fast and thus end the war within minutes of time.

Tesla ray is just like a laser ray which articles a particle with high energy but with higher energy compared to laser. So powerful that it is assumed to bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy aircrafts even at a distance of 250 miles.

It still seems to be impossible to make a weapon like that which makes the competition of the present warfare weapons a relief.