How To Repair Car Sunroof

By | May 18, 2010

A Sunroof is an opening in an automobile roof which is operable and allows light and fresh air to come in passenger compartment. Hence it is a very useful facility of a car but it could be a problem to car owner if its glass breaks or it get start to leak.

Leakages are mostly caused by accumulation of dirt or debris around the seals, or water clogging in the drain pipe where as glass breakage can be done in any ways. Replacement of new glass will be the better option for glass breakage problem while leakage problem can be repaired.

Broken glass of car sunroof can be replaced by following way. While repairing, you need hammer screwdrivers, hand gloves, wrench, sunroof installation kit, utility knife and cordless frill machine. After purchasing a new sunroof glass check whether all parts in the sunroof repair kit are provided by the manufacturer or not. Afterwards Remove the sunroof panel from your car and examine each part is in working condition or not. Then in next step open the roof using a 4mm hex socket and checks for any other fault. Finally take out the broken sunroof and replace it with a new one.
Problem of water leakage from the sunroof can be solved by following way. For this problem you need thin wire cable cleaner piece of wet cloth coat hanger thin tube and water. First Clean the glass panel on the outside of the car using a non-abrasive cleaner then open the ventilation shade. Afterwards check for any dirt which does not allow the sunroof to close tightly at the seal, clean the area with a wet cloth. After this process Examine the seal properly and if you are able to spot any cracks on it the replace it with new one.
Hence by this way you can easily repair yours sunroof damage. These types of repairs are little technical but it could be done very generously if you do it with proper care and by following the instructions.

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  1. luis othmaro

    I´d like to know how I can fix the suroof of my Kia Rondo. It tilts a bit, but seems uneven when seen from outside.
    Besides, it doesn´t run to open at all.Thanks for your comments

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