Different Types of Forex Software

By | June 28, 2010

For trading the currencies accessing of the trading account is needed. The access of the account can be done using the forex trading software. There are four different standard types of Forex software. Each software will offer different flexibilities to the trader.

There are four standard types of Forex softwares which are mostly used. They are:

  1. Computer-based Software: For accessing or monitoring the account through the laptop or the local desktop this computer-based Forex software is used. Different companies are providing this type of software. This software can be used at any place. As it will be installed in the system.
  2. Web- based Software: This software is used any where on the system where the internet is connected. It is almost same as logging into the web-based email account. Unique name and password are being used for accessing the trading account. So, there is no possibility of the errors. Many companies are designing this type of softwares.
  3. Managed-account Software: Some of the persons who does not want to install the software in the local system and who want an automated forex trading software on their computer, managed-account software is being used. There is no need of you in personal, on behalf of you, the forex expert will access and manage the accounts. This is being used by so many traders as there are no risks of installation and managing. Just for checking the balance in the account the user and the password are needed and no downloading of the software is also done.
  4. Automated Trading Software: Depending on the interests of the trader, for selecting the trading strategy the company will offer the software. No programming knowledge is required and just the trade will be done automatically using this type of software.

These are main four types of software which are being used.