Cocaine Can Cause Heart Attack

By | July 21, 2010

Cocaine is psychologically and physically addictive drug, but it is used by few people that is you can be killed the first time you try it. The release of the chemical is activated by cocaine is called as dopamine and it is prevented from get reabsorbed into the body. The results in a state of euphoria, confidence and clarity. People who use cocaine donot know that it creates serious heart diseases. Heart attacks can be caused by use of cocaine. It is no matter that how you are using cocaine, by constricting the blood cells, it can increase your heart beat rate and it leads to irregular heart beats. It can lead to some serious problems when you get any of these conditions and even death. Some problems like heart attacks , sudden death, cardiac arrest, damage to the heart muscle, clots in the coronary arteries, fluid in the lungs or enlarged heart, inflammation of the heart lining, these results of irregular heart beats or increasing heart beat rate. If people use the cocaine, they will get these complications whether they have heart disease or not.

Generally within 18 hours of use, user’s heart is affected by cocaine. After taking the cocaine you experience chest pain, feel dizzy or anxious, have trouble in breathing, experience nausea, palpitations.

You should inform your doctors when you face heart problem after taking cocaine because the course of the treatment will change. To reduce the adverse effects on the heart and to combat the effect-of-Cocaine, the patients are given benzodiazepines.