Home Remedies For Yeast Infection In Kids

By | July 29, 2010

Yeast Infections can occur at any age for any gender due to yeast growth in the body. As a result of the yeast infection, pain will be there in the body part which is infected with the yeast. These may be caused because of various reasons. Because of this infection a lot of pain will there at the infected area.

Generally, some of them have a opinion that yeast infection will occur only in adults. But, the fact is that even children will get affected with the yeast infection. Generally, yeast infections in children will be due to diaper rash and they occur in mouth.

Few tips for home remedies for yeast infections in kids are as follows

  • Do not make the kid to eat more sweet items which are made of white sugar. Children who are suffering with yeast infection will usually crave for sugar items. But, do not offer them, as the sweets will make the yeast growth faster and more in number.
  • Use garlic oil for applying on the places where the diaper rashes appear. Also apply it in the mouth if the kid is suffering with the mouth yeast infection.
  • Yogurt is the best cure for the yeast infection. Make the kid eat the yogurt so that the infection gets reduced.
  • In case of infants if it is a diaper rash, then in those cases, whenever wet diaper is removed, always leave the area free for a short period and then dress up with a new diaper. Do not keep the area wet.
  • Even do not overexpose area to the air. As the pollution may cause infection.
  • Tea tree oil is an excellent home remedy for the yeast infection. Lavender oil is also used for destroying the colonies of the yeast. Mixing them with the carrier oils and apply them on the area where there is yeast infection, will also give good result.
  • The excellent home remedy for treating yeast infection will be the grape fruit seed extract. This when mixed with two ounces of plain water will give an effective solution. By applying this solution with a cotton swab on the places where there is yeast infection will give a good result.
  • Soak the infected area in the solution containing vinegar and warm water. Do it for about ten days. This will heal sooner.

These are the different home remedies for curing the yeast infection in kids.