Improve self productivity by adopting self management skills

By | August 20, 2010

The word self productivity means calculate a person’s output. Self productivity increases rewards and profits. Improving self productivity is difficult but not impossible.

The self productivity ratio can be increased by adopting self management skills. The self management skills are not theory based or book based. It has practical principles. Principles for increasing self productivity by adopting self management skills are:

  • Firstly, negative thinking should be removed. Cultivate positive thinking and change working style like from result oriented to work focusing.
  • The self management is also focused on time maintenance system. This system helps for working in a systematic way.
  • The habits like escapism, postponing mentality should be avoided. This results in pending of work and inability to reach the target.
  • The self management skills improve a person’s patience, commitment for doing work, and concentration powers by adopting the methods of meditation, yoga in human life.