How to make your small home spacious?

By | August 2, 2010

You may have a small house and it may not be sufficient for you, but you are not interested in leaving that home, then you can follow few tips to live in small spaces. Means, you have follow some tips to have some space in your home.

  • You can use the top of your refrigerator wisely and purposefully, but you should not make the top of the refrigerator as a long term storage. You can put some items which are used regularly.
  • You can use small baskets to arrange many small items and/or anything which are convenient. These baskets can be placed in narrow and small places. If you use these baskets in a proper way then they will provide extra space. You have to choose the right size of the baskets which are convenient in your home space.
  • You can use rolling furniture in necessary places. This way you store many items by using less place. This will save some space in your home.
  • If possible you can hangup your kitchen items. Now-a-days people are using an unattached counters in the kitchen. These can be used from all sides to hang items over them. It occupies less space.
  • Instead of using lamps, you can use the clip lights for dark areas, especially for reading. For decorating purpose, lamp are good, but these are not suitable for small places.
  • Use same type of containers for food storage, it will make some space and looks good.
  • You can use multifunctional furniture which saves space and as well as money.

These are tips which may help you to make a spacious small home. By using these tips, there will be no need to leave your home.