Ideas for Small Space Living

By | September 29, 2010

Sometimes, you may not have enough space in your home. It can be difficult to find out a room for life’s accumulations, when you live in small house, apartment. But, there are some ways to keep you home spacious, stylish.

You can choose multifunctional furniture, which serve multiple purposes and it will give more space. So, many furniture companies offer stylish and multifunctional furniture. Suppose an ottoman ( a kind of divan sofa) can be used for 4 functions. It provide a sitting area, and an extra seat, a spacious coffee table, and extra storage.

You can remove your interior doors which waste space in your home. Instead of them you use curtains.

Your big refrigerator can be replaced by the smaller one to add more space to your room.

Clear the clutter, if you fill your room with many items then remove all those things and you can remove waste items. You arrange the items neatly.

You can increase the vertical space in your home to increase storage capacity. You can use different cabinets and shelves above desks, they save space in your home.

You can transform your music in to computer it will save the space by removing some items.

If you have little closet place then you use hooks to hang any cloths or other items.

You can find out a dead space and find out good use for it. Dead space means, this commonly will be behind and beneath the furniture. Suppose space between washing machine and wall, this space may be small but it can be used for small items.

These ideas may help you to get more space in your small home, to live in small home with comfort and joy.