How to Play Bingo

By | October 14, 2010

Small games also have some rules. Bingo is one type of game. If you want to play the bingo game then first you need to know about the process of playing game. There is a basic objective to achieve a certain pattern on bingo card which uses a combination of numbers and letters.

First you need to get bingo card to play a bingo game. An individual can purchase multiple bingo cards for a single game. After purchasing the card you need to see the 5 by 5 grid of numbers with the letters of B I N G O on the top of the card. Each letter represents a column in the card. There are total 25 boxes in card and there is a free space in box in the center of the card.

You can cover the free space with marker in center of the the card. Then you need to listen letters and numbers that the host calls, like B-1. Then find out the B column then look for number which was announced. If you have that number then mark it. Like that you need to listen continuously and mark if you have such numbers on your card. If any one got a specified pattern on their card then game will be over. The patterns can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines of five boxes on the card. You use the middle free space to cover the winning pattern. Covering four corners on the card is another patten in this game.

So if you cover the pattern on the card then card numbers will be verified and if everything is correct then you will be the winner.

This bingo game is a very funny game and it is a social game and you can play this game online free of cost and will get prize money.