Differences Between the Used Car and New Car

By | October 11, 2010

For most of the people buying a car is a dream. In order to satisfy the dream, most of the people get confused whether to go for the used car or the new car. Based on the requirement one should opt for either the used car or the new car.

There are many differences between the used car and the new car. Some of the differences are as follows:

New Car:

  • The cost of the new car is high.
  • Although the cost of new car is high, the loans for the newer vehicles can be secured easily.
  • The offers or discounts will be high for the new car.
  • The excitement of the new car will be more.
  • The cost for maintenance will be very less.
  • Warranty coverage for atleast three years will be there.
  • Most of the companies are offering road side assistance for the new car.
  • Sales tax will be more.
  • Insurance premiums are high.
  • Safety of the car is more and reliability is high.

Used car:

  • The price of the car will be less when compared to the new car.
  • The offers and discounts will be low if we buy the used cars.
  • Maintenance cost will be high when compared to the used car.
  • No warranty coverage.
  • Road Side assistance is not offered.
  • Depreciation is low.
  • No sales tax.
  • Less insurance premiums.
  • Safety and reliability are less when compared to the new car.

These are some of the differences between new cars and used cars. But, it is better to buy a used car if you want to use the car for less than five years.