Factors that Cause to Wear and Tear the Car Tires

By | October 19, 2010

It is important to check the car tires at regular intervals to find out any sign of wear. You may face any risk if there is any deterioration of the tread or damage to the sidewalls. There are few basic requirements to see:

Minimum 1.6mm should be the tread depth. You can apply this measure for entire tire. According to law, tread depth should not be below the minimum requirement of the tire tread depth. After any skid or emergency, it may result in baled patches which means tread depth is below the minimum requirement. So, you can check the tire at that time.

Tires should be blown up to correct pressure. You can see the handbook of the vehicle manufacturer to find out the correct tire pressure. It is important to maintain the vehicle properly and its legal requirement as well.

All the tires of the vehicle should be in good condition, and they should be compatible.

Factors that affect the rate of tire wear:

  • Generally, different tires can be manufactured to meet different criteria or requirements. Tires which are made with harder rubber compound have long life. If they are made with softer tire compound, they will wear out quickly.
  • Generally, front tires of the vehicle wear faster than back side of the tires, especially, in case of front wheel drive vehicle. Movement by steering can also cause the extra wear of the tire.
  • The weight of the vehicle can also affect the rate of wear of the tire. If it is heavier vehicle then tires of such vehicle wear quickly.
  • If tires are blown up below the recommended level of the pressure, then they will tear early because of its higher operating temperature.
  • Speed of the driving also affects the rate of wear of the tire. Temperature of the car tire is increased by the driving in high speed and it speeds the wear. And driving style of the vehicle also affects the wear of the tire.
  • Wear can be caused by aggressive cornering, accelerating and braking excessively.

So, these factors can cause wear of the car tire. And Sometimes, tires will wear because of the affect of the weather also.