How to Choose the Best Water Purifier

By | November 29, 2010

According to WHO stats, water related diseases cause around 3.575 million deaths every year. It is not really necessary that these diseases must impact only people living in slums. The pollution levels today are making even water sources of good areas contaminated with disease causing microorganisms. Thus, it is important to have water purifier for maintaining a healthy family.

There are many types of water purifiers available today in market. But you need to have enough knowledge about water purifiers, their types and brands to avoid ending up in purchasing either a costly one or a low standard one. The following are few factors you will require to consider for choosing the best water purifier for your family:

  • The main features to consider are input water condition, multistage purification process and high quality of component used. If it is multistage purifier then water will be more pure.
  • According to the members in your family, you can choose the storage capacity of the purifier. It should have aesthetic looks and standard design.
  • Next factors are automatic mechanism and durability. Warranty of the product and after sales services are also required to be considered.
  • Consider reputed brands, because they take care of the product’s quality standards which are required to design the best purifiers.
  • It is better to ask your friends and neighbors and others about best water purifiers. You can go through online reviews provided by consumers.

These are factors to consider while purchasing a water purifier. You must also consider your budget while buying one.