What is Excess Liability insurance

By | November 12, 2010

Excess liability insurance provides an extra layer of protection for policy holders. If any policy holder faces a huge financial loss because of the claims imposed by other persons who are injured because of his negligence any where.

If the judgment is given against the policy holder and that has quantum of award exceeds his family total assets and it covers the future earnings and savings then it becomes available to the policy holder.

Suppose if there is any damage to the car in any accident then you determine the value of the damaged car, if any one dies then one cannot determine the life cost in any accident, at that time there is no guarantee of the legal judgments and the quantum of the award which you face. At that time, you may not bear legal costs and you have to sacrifice your future earnings to satisfy the settlement. So at that time, this excess liability insurance will be useful to you.

If policy holder has liability insurance coverage, then basic liability cover is increased by excess liability insurance.

Many types of excess liability insurance policies are provided by insurance companies which may suit individuals and large corporation as well. There are customized excess liability insurance plans which are suitable for requirements of the individuals and corporations to control the loss and risk. There are many benefits of this insurance policy. Policy holder can look for specific benefits. Coverage is offered by all their policies from injury and property damage. Additional protection can be provided by this policy from claims which are caused by slander, false eviction, false arrest and etc.

This excess liability insurance depends on the basic policy of the insured. So one should expect carefully about future liabilities which are susceptible to face to choose right excess liability insurance policy.