Know About Application Performance Management

By | January 3, 2011

The whole world has become as one market. So now a days, company can have the clients at any where in the world. There is a lot of competition among global companies. Many companies are suing WAN for communication across the world. WAN connects the company with employees and customers in different places.

Organizations need to share the data and provide the services to their customers. Every company needs to provide best services to it’s clients across the world. Or else it may lose the customer.

In order to provide best services to clients and enhance the productivity, companies can follow the method of application performance management. There are many APM consulting companies to provide this process of APM. APM ensures to provide good customer service and enhance the customers’ experience with application availability with quick response time.

In a WAN, performance and service availability of software applications are measures and managed and optimized by APM. A detailed breakdown response time is provided by it and it effects on these levels, such as:

Server level: The data flow pattern of each important transaction is captured by an application performance management solution. Response times are forecast by it when the data centers are consolidated.

Network level: APM reduces the risks to application performance and optimizes the bandwidth capacity at this network level. The top applications are identified by it, according to the usage of bandwidth usage, packet losses and failed TCP connections.

Application level: New application rollouts are monitored and managed and the main reason of slow response time for a mission critical application is determined and data flow pattern of of important transaction is captured by the APM in this application level.

End user level: Generally end user look for the important things such as the application availability and response time. The baseline current user response times for the critical applications are monitored and managed by APM at end user level.

Like this application performance management works and effects the every level.