Few Considerations of Public Liability Insurance

By | February 3, 2011

Public-liability insurance is one of the business insurances. You should think about public liability insurance, even if you work from home, or if the customer visits your business premises or even if your staff or you go to public homes.

This policy covers, if someone is accidentally injured or someone’s property is damaged by your business operation or by you. Related legals costs, expenses and hospital treatment costs as well are covered by this policy.

There are some considerations of the public-liability insurance, such as:

  • The coverage of the public-liability insurance does not include the damage that is done by your business product. You may need product liability-insurance for this.
  • Your type of the business and levels of the activity of the business determine the premium amount. The claims records also should be related to them.
  • Public-liability may be covered by your other insurance. Suppose any customer visits your home office, it can be covered by existing property insurance.
  • Public-liability insurance covers only the third party claims, it does not cover the employees claims. For this you may need employee liability insurance.
  • Always, make sure that your insurance company is aware of type of business you run. You need to inform them, if your circumstances vary.

You should discuss with your insurance adviser about public liability insurance policy to ensure policy meets your business requirements. Because there are many conditions, exclusions and warranties which can be applied for this insurance.

These are all the considerations of the public-liability insurance. It is better to be aware of this policies considerations.