Types and Benefits of Different Wireless Technologies

By | April 28, 2011

A wireless technology is a technology in which cables or wires are not used for communication. Right from initial radio and TV broadcasting to modern mobile phone and Blue tooth technologies, are examples of wireless technologies. Many of these wireless technologies use electromagnetic waves for transmission.

The First communication satellite, Tel, start was launched in 1960s, which made it possible to communicate to any part of world without wires.

Following are the different wireless communication technologies available in the current scenario:

FM and AM Radio is the first to use wireless technology commercially. This brings wireless technology to the common man.

After the introduction of radio, television is considered to be the next advanced wireless technology. This brings wireless technology even closer.

Mobile technology such as GSM and CDMA made a revolution on communication and it uses time division, frequency division and code division multiplexing. These are the latest example of wireless technologies.

Latest and greatest technology which uses wireless system is Global positioning system – radio waves are used for this. By this technology one can know the location of any moving object.

Wi-Fi technology:
This technology only works on high frequency radio signals. WiFi operates on several hundreds feet between two places of data transmission. WiFi is divided in to three parts viz., infrastructure mode, ad hoc network and mixed network.

Zigbee technology:
It is a type of low cost, ultra low power wireless technology which is used for different purposes.

Bluetooth technology:
Bluetooth technology is an important form of wireless technology, that is used to transmit the data from one device to another device with the help of mobile phone technology.

Infra red technology:
These infra red rays are used to treat cancer in the medical field by transmitting these rays in to body of the patient. Many other electronic items also use infrared technology.

Wimax technology:
It is the type of the wireless networking technology that transmits the information in the form of microwaves.

The above mentioned technologies are the various forms of wireless technology.

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