Making of a Glow Hat with Glow Sticks

By | April 18, 2011

Its well known that parties of any kind are meant for enjoyment and fun. Specific item like a glow stick can make them more exciting. Many people, especially kids and teens, are interested to wear glow necklaces and glow braceletsthat are available in different colors including yellow, orange, green, pink, blue, red, white, and purple. Parties and other recreational events are also a place for use of different types of glow products including glow lights for decorative and fun purposes.

Do you want to use glow sticks in a special way unlike necklaces and bracelets? Then try for a glow hat. You can turn the ordinary glow sticks into a wearable baseball hat. Arranging glow sticks of your favorite color to the hat can make it more beautiful. You can make a glow hat on your own at home. Its adds fun to create and wear the glow hat. Here is the process or steps for making a glow hat with glow sticks.

All you need to make a glow hat is glow sticks and specific connectors. Four types of connectors including 6-point sun-shaped connectors, regular straight connectors, double connectors, and T connectors are needed in this process. Once you collect all the required items, be ready to start making the glow hat. Take the glow sticks, crack and shake them well in order to activate the glowing. Take a sun connector and attach six glow sticks to its points. Then the other end of the glow stick has to be attached to the middle point of a T connector. Now, the glow sticks between each T connector are connected to form a ring. This rings serves as the base of the hat.

Before joining to the T connectors, connect a double connector to two of the glow sticks, leaving one section between them. It is done to attach the brim of the hat. Use a regular straight connector to attach two glow sticks together. Put each of the double stick into one of the double connectors that forms the brim of the hat. Now the glow hat is ready to be used for your upcoming party. Enjoy the party wearing your new glow hat.

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