Personal Safety Tips During Holiday Trips

By | May 12, 2011

When you are going for a holiday trip, you have to plan the trip perfectly and you should also consider your personal safety. Here are few tips to improve personal safety while you are on a holiday trip:


  • One of the important thing to remember when you are in a hotel room on a holiday trip is that keep your room door locked and bolted. When you are out of the room make sure that you use the door lock to secure your room at all times.
  • When you want to meet your visitors do not meet them in your room, it is better to meet them in the main lobby as it decreases the exposure to potentially dangerous situations.
  • It is better to avoid elevators in case any passengers makes you feel comfortable and when you are using a stairwell, be aware of your surroundings. If you find anything uncomfortable, exit the stairwell immediately.
  • Read the instructions in your room which are given by the hotel management regarding fire safety and the possible need for evacuation. Know how to report a fire, know the location of the nearest two emergency exits. Make sure that the door that you will exit from can be opened in emergencies.
  • Remove what you need for your next outing when you are ready to leave the room. Do not leave the room unlocked and do not scatter the valuable things around the room.
  • It is advised to not to take the irreplaceable things along with you while going for a holiday trip and also check the security levels in the hotel.
  • When you are out follow the rules and regulations of that country and also take passport and visa along with you.

The above are some safety tips which will help you have safest journey.