Pros and Cons of Tile Countertops for Kitchen

By | May 30, 2011

Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop is important. The selection should be based on the quality, features and maintenance of the material with which it is made of. Among many other options, tiles are the ones which have popular use as kitchen countertops. Here are some of their pros and cons of tile countertops.

It is better to prefer countertops made of tiles because of the following benefits.

  • They are found in different varieties of colors, designs, styles and materials. Ceramic, glass, mosaic and marble tiles are the various models which add elegance to your kitchen. You, therefore, have a wide range of choices to trap the right one that suits your kitchen style.
  • Even if the tiles are cracked, they can be fixed easily. The installation is also very inexpensive.
  • Tile countertops are resistant to scorches, scratches and strains.
  • It is also easy to make different patterns and install them. You can cut them into any shape and even fit at hard-to-reach corners of your kitchen.
  • Tiles do not melt or singe. They can withstand extreme temperatures.

In spite of the many benefits, there are some disadvantages of tiles to be used for countertops.

  • Tiles include grout which is a porous material. Certain stains and germs are absorbed by it. So it is very difficult to clean them. Though the surface looks clean, the grout may be dirty.
  • Ceramic tiles are resistant to scratches. However, when you cut food items directly on your tile countertops, the blades of the knife may become dull.
  • There are chances that they might chip and crack, when any heavy item is dropped directly on it.

Hence, check the pros and cons of tile countertops when choosing them for your kitchen.